About the Author
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Name : PY
Age : 26
gender : male
Location : Malaysia
Email : gpy6529@yahoo.com
Photo of PY - Digital caricature artist
I am a computer science graduate, but I possess a talent for drawing. Since primary school, I have filled all the blank spaces in my books with drawings, despite being punished by teachers for smudging. In secondary school, I excelled in drawing comics and caricatures, impressing my friends. This habit persisted throughout college, where I focused on programming and networking. Initially, drawing on a computer using a mouse was challenging without a foundation in traditional drawing. However, after months of practice, I developed the ability to create drawings using a mouse that closely resemble my paper drawings. I am currently employed as a Caricature Artist in Malaysia, where I exclusively create caricatures using a mouse. Years of practice have allowed me to achieve a level of proficiency where my digital drawings mirror my paper drawings. My ultimate goal is to share my artwork with people worldwide.

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