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Welcome to the PY Animated Caricature Gallery. The animated caricatures here are made from
Digital Caricature Drawings, meanwhile you must have your digital caricature done first before you can order an Animated caricature. You can describe any animation manners and dimensions for your caricatures

( Click the thumbnail to view the caricature animation in a new window )

Animated Caricature 001 - Man in Groom Theme, animated with funny smiling face Animated Caricature 002 - Fat Man in Groom Theme, animated with smilling face and shaking hand Animated Caricature 003 - Beautiful lady animated with smiling face plus eye blinking and show posture V Animated Caricature 004 - Man animated with smiling face plus taking off his spectacle and put it back Animated Caricature 005 - Real Estate Realtor animated with smiling face plus show a small house on his hand and show a sign board with SOLD Animated Caricature 006 - Man wearing sweater animated with smiling plus scratching his head with his finger then rubbing his beard with his hand. Animated Greeting Caricature 007 - Christmas Animated Greeting E-Card

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