The Making of Digital Caricature - Tutorial 1

Learn to draw a caricature ?

Digital Caricature Drawing Tutorial

This short tutorial will guide you to draw a basic and simple digital caricature using mouse. However the same drawing and coloring techniques can be apply to the physical caricature drawing (drawn on paper) too.

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Tools for making Digital Caricature

Hardware :
- My 6 years old PC ( Pentium III 866 )
- My 6 years old Logitech Roller Mouse

Software :
- Macromedia Flash MX

Below is the tutorial that guide you to draw a basic caricature in just a few steps.

Step 1

Open Macromedia Flash MX and import the photo to the stage.

Step 2

Based on the photo, sketch an outline of the caricature. Mouse handling is very important for this step, it is better to use a roller mouse than a optical mouse. I am using the BRUSH tool to perform drawing, the PENCIL tool is an alternative tool. For beginner, you have to spend some time on practice drawing on the stage.

Step 3

After the outline sketch was done, fill in with the 1st level color. You can use the FILL tool in the TOOLS PANEL.

Step 4

Now you can fill in the 2nd level color. You will need to capture the area of caricature shadow based on the photo.

Step 5

After the shadow was done, you need to sketch and fill the bright area with a slightly bright color.

Step 6

In this step, you are about to complete the basic of a caricature coloring. Before it, enhance your drawing by add-on the 3rd and 4th level coloring. This is actually a procedure to sketch and fill a slightly dark color from the shadow area, and a slightly bright color from the bright area.

Step 7

Apply the same coloring technique from step 1 - 6 on the hair and body. A Digital Caricature done.

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