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What you must know
1. This product is paperless and delivered by email.

2. The outcome of figurines will only able to resemblance about 70% to
    90% of the actual person. Please take note that we will NOT accept
    refund by this reason.

3. Anyway you can request for ONE TIME free minor modification within
    24 hours after receive your caricature.

4. Your caricature are consider our Art Work and we are remain the
    rights to reproduce and use your caricature for animation or any
    others graphic display.

5. We maybe display your caricature include your photo as a sample in
    our Gallery or any others partner's site without any notification.
    However, if you specifically do not wish for your caricature to be
    used for those purposes, please do advise us.

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>NO exaggeration - The outcome of figurines will able to resemblance about 90% of the actual person. Mildly funny looking.
>Medium exaggeration - Slightly exaggerates distinctive features of the actual person.
>Over exaggeration - Over exaggerates distinctive features of the actual person. look weird but funny.

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